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settings Email Setup: Outlook 2011

Incoming (POP) server :
Outgoing (SMTP) server :
Account / User Name :
SMTP Authentication : Enabled (same Username as POP)
  Note: If SMTP Authentication is not catered for by your email program, you must rather use your ISP's SMTP server.
SMTP Port : 587
Your email is also available online via Webmail


Check existing account settings

1. Launch Outlook 2011

2. Select “Tools” from the top menu bar and then “Accounts…

Select the relevant account and check your account settings

3. Select the relevant account

4. Ensure that your settings look like the settings shown in this screenshot. In particular, check that:

  • Your Name displays your From name (which will appear in the “From” field in all your emails)
  • E-mail Address displays your Hetzner hosted email address e.g.
  • Incoming mail server (POP3) displays
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP) displays
  • User Name displays your full email address e.g.
  • Password is the one specified when mailbox was created in konsoleH

5. Once your settings look like the settings shown in this screenshot, click “More Options…

Settings for SMTP server

6. Under the “More Options…” button select “User Name and Password” for “Authentication

7. Enter in your username and password then select “OK