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User Manuals

The User Manuals have been separated into 2 sections. The Starter Manual includes the start up configuration guide, some tips from us through our years of using the program and information about some of the features we have added to improve the core program. The User Manual is a more detailed guide provided by the programmers who developed the campaign manager. Our advice is to jump in with the Starter Manual and if you get stuck with anything revert to the User Manual.

Starter Manual


User Manual


Basic usage

Growing and using complex lists

Designing and assessing your campaigns



PDF Download (748kb)

Blink Mailer User Manual
PDF Download (6,5mb)

Optional Extra Campaign Management Service

With the creation of our User Manual and Tutorials we are sure that anyone with a standard knowledge of computers will be able to successfully send and manage their own campaigns. However we also understand that not everyone has the time. We are available to manage your subscribers and campaigns for either R300 per hour or you can take advantage of our retainer option where you receive up to 5 hours for R500 per month. Please let us know if you would like to outsource this task to us by contacting