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mailer Email Marketing FAQs
  1. What is Blink Mailer?
  2. What is phplist?
  3. How many subscribers can I have?
  4. How many emails can I send at one time?
  5. Can I send images in my email?
  6. Can I personilse emails?
  7. Does the email arrive with an UNSUBSCRIBE link?
  8. Does Blink Mailer provide statistics for the campaigns?


What is Blink Mailer?
Blink Mailer is software that is installed onto your domain for sending email newsletters, marketing campaigns and announcements. It is designed to send a single message (a campaign), by email to large numbers of recipients (subscribers). You organise your subscribers into lists and you can import email addresses from your email account, online shop, blog or database. You can also import attribute data, for example, subscriber name, city or shoe size.

What is phplist?
phplist is the open source program that Blink Mailer uses to provide the tools to send and manage the campaigns. It has been tweaked and upgraded in order to give you a user friendly experience. phplist is available for free download - Blink simply makes it more user friendly. 10% of your payment is donated to phplist for past and future development on a monthly basis.

How many subscribers can I have?
Because Blink Mailer is installed onto your domain you have no limit to how many subscribers you can add to your lists. The only concern is that you have collected the subscribers following the anti-spamming policy.

How many emails can I send at one time?
Blink restricts the amount of emails that are sent out to 450 every 2 hours in order to keep you from being identified as a spammer. This runs automatically every even hour of the day. So in total you will be able to send over 5,000 emails a day or or over 150,000 per month.

Can I send images in my email?
You can either use plain text or HTML to send your campaigns. When sending HTML emails you will be able to use tools similar to those found in programs like Word to create your emails so you will not actually need to learn HTML. The IMAGE tool allows you to upload images to the server and use them in your design. The images will automatically download to the recipients email - they will not be prompted to download them.

Can I personilse emails?
Blink Mailer is able to store extra information about your subscribers which can be used to make your emails more personal. Some common attributes are Name, Age, Gender and City - the attributes you use are entirely up to you to decide. Once you have collected/uploaded attribute data, it can be used to connect to your subscribers more directly and with better precision, by using placeholders.

Does the email arrive with an UNSUBSCRIBE link?
Yes all mails are sent with an unsubscribe link in the footer of the mail as required by the anti-spamming policy. It generally looks like the following but can be edited:
This message was sent to by
To forward this message, please do not use the forward button of your email application, because this message was made specifically for you only. Instead use the forward page in our newsletter system.
To change your details and to choose which lists to be subscribed to, visit your personal preferences page
Or you can opt-out completely from all future mailings.

Does Blink Mailer provide statistics for the campaigns?
Once a campaign has been sent, Blink Mailer will show statistics about it. This will include opens/views (who read the campaign), clicks (who clicked which link in the campaign) and bounces (which addresses were incorrect and delivery failed). Bounced mails and unsubscribes are automatically removed from the system, which will benefit future delivery of campaigns.