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settings Automatic Email Configuration

What is automatic email configuration?

Automatic email configuration makes it easy for customers to setup their email accounts within an
email program that supports the feature. You only need to provide your name, email address and
email password which will be used to setup the email account automatically. Currently, automatic email
configration is available for customers making use of Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. If the Microsoft Outlook Startup wizard does not appear, click ‘File’ then select ‘Add Account’.
  3. On the ‘Auto Account Setup’ page fill in your name, email address and email address password. Click ‘Next’.
  4. If you receive a ‘Security Alert’ you may safely select ‘Yes’ to proceed.
  5. Outlook will now configure your email account. Once it has completed you may click ‘Finish’.

Mozilla ThunderBird:

  1. Open Thunderbird.
  2. If the ‘Mail Account Setup’ window does not appear, select the menu button, Options > Account Settings, then select Account Actions > Add Mail Account.
  3. Fill in your name, email address and email password then click ‘Continue’.
  4. Thunderbird will detect the required settings. Once it has completed, select either ‘IMAP’ or ‘POP3’ and click ‘Done’.
  5. If you receive a ‘Add Security Exception’ warning, you may safely select ‘Confirm Security Exception’.
  6. Thunderbird will check that the settings are correct and complete the setup

If you are not able to setup your email account using the automatic email configuration, kindly view our Email Setup Guides for assistance with manually setting up your email account.